Drywall is another name for plasterboard and at MazzInteriors, we are experts in Drywall Plastering in Sydney. Our specialised plasterers will come in and repair, replace or fully install plasterboard in your residential or commercial property and do a high quality job for a reasonable price.

The only way your drywall will look perfect and have a seamless finish, which is ready for priming and painting, is if it is repaired or installed by a skilled and experienced team of plasterers. At MazzInteriors all of our plasterers are highly qualified and up to date with all the latest changes in the industry. This means that you can be sure of a top quality job, one that we are proud to have completed – within your time frame and budget.


Repairing Drywall Plaster

Nothing looks worse than a hole or a crack in a drywall, although water damage comes close. So you need an expert team to repair your plasterboard and to ensure that you have a smooth, flawless finish, which is ready for priming and painting.

  • We repair cracks and holes in residential drywalls.

  • Our technicians fix plasterboard damage caused by tenants in your investment properties.

  • We repair damaged drywalls in shops, supermarkets, offices, retail complexes, health centres, banks, restaurants, cafes, dental offices, commercial buildings, office blocks and all common-use areas.


Suspended Ceiling Installation

Office fitouts in Sydney can be a stressful time, so you want your drywalls installed as quickly as possible, leaving you to focus on your design and interior fittings. Our plasterers are experts at fitting drywalls in double quick time, whilst still resulting in a flawless finish, ready for priming and painting.

Commercial Fitouts

We install brand new drywalls in commercial properties. So if you have moved into a new shop, store or office and need to install new plasterboard, call us and we will do a top job on time and within budget.

Also, you don’t need to worry about sourcing plastering supplies in Sydney, because we supply everything that is needed for the job.

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